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Jixemitri Administration is issuing a special 20th Anniversary writing challenge! Here's how you can win!

1. Choose one or more images.

2. Write a piece of Trixie fanfic inspired by one of the images, of 1000-2020 words. You may exceed 2020 words but must choose a second image if you do. This resets the word requirement to 1000-2020 words/picture.

3. Stories may be based on #20, but are not required to have any relationship to it. Examples: An image could be student artwork from the art class--give us a piece about that student! a 20-year class reunion for--which BWG? the emerald as a traditional 20-year anniversary gift (I looked it up!); Jim's springer spaniel, Patch; the ID bracelet; baby Moses' baby carriage; Hallie Belden (I'm looking at you, Deanna!)... and so forth.

4. Author must have story edited, posted somewhere, and announced between March 8 and May 1, 2020. Non-Jix authors can upload to their own website or blog; FF.net, Archive of Our Own, LiveJournal, Zap’s, Bevy Tales, etc., following the guidance in: Posting Your Stories. If you'd like to have a larger copy of the image that inspired your story, please PM Mary N (Dianafan) and I can email the file to you. Or, I'd be happy to work it up into a title graphic if you like.

5. URL must be posted in the Jix 2020 Picture Prompt Challenge story thread. Any story meeting criteria for a red-star rating must be accessible only via password.

6. Jix Authors may, of course, announce their stories at the Sun. Non-Jix Authors must announce their stories in the Story Announcements.

7. All winning entries will be listed and linked from this page after the deadline of May 1, 2020. Mary N. made a badge/avatar for download by those who participated.

winner avatar
Janice Rainy Day Reflections
Julie (macjest) Day 1
JStar8 Chickens
JStar8 Ruined
BonnieH Homecoming
Chey And Then I Found...
Cestmoi1 Relative Strangers
Snapdragon Safe Home

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