To celebrate Jixemitri's 14th anniversary, seven of us decided to attempt to write stories featuring Dan, in varying shades of ... well, red. You can be the judge of how well we succeeded in supplying entertaining stories of the guy many consider to be the most steamy, sizzling-hot, smokin' stud-muffin of the BWGs.

Stories with a pink star are suitable for all readers. Those with a red star require the Jixemitri password for access. If you are over the age of 18 and wish to receive the password, e-mail *here*, giving your name and date of birth. Please allow 24 hours for a reply, although in some cases it may take longer, due to illness or other real life issues. Requests will not be answered on weekends or holidays.

The Trixie Belden series and its characters are the property of Random House. The characters are used here without permission, although with a geat deal of respect and affection. We are making no profit from their appearances! All stories accessed through this page are copyright by their authors, 2014. Clicking on the story links will take you to each author's site.

  • See what happens when Dan gets volunteered to play Cupid for Valentine's Day, by WendyM. Yellow star for some salty language. yellow star
  • TrishB returns to the Seuss-Green Eggs and Dan Universe where Dan finds himself receiving a most unexpected phone call in the middle of the night. Click and read to find out just what's in store for him, and exactly what he might learn about himself, and a girl he's been chasing for a few months now. A dark yellow to orange star story; suggestive but not explicit.yellow star
  • Practice for play auditions turns into practice for something else for Diana and Dan, as told by BonnieH. Rated yellow star for nonexplicit but heated situations and one curse word. yellow star
  • PatK spins a tale in which Dan plans a romantic weekend at a cabin in the woods with a sexy brunette. Red star for language and suggestive activity. red star
  • Ryl looks in on Dan and Trixie having fun in the snow. "Light red" for a couple of unspoken uses of one of those star
  • Mary N delves into what happens when an immovable object encounters an irresistible force. What kind of fallout happens? Red star for language, underage drinking, illegal substance use. red star
  • Mal gives us a tale of tail with absolutely no redeeming social value. Red, dark red, in every star

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