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Your challenge is to write one or more stories—short or long—using one or more pictures found on this page. It should be complete, edited, and uploaded by March 8, 2017. The URL must be posted in the Jix 17 Picture Challenge thread. Story must be announced between March 8 and March 31. Happy writing!
1. Choose one or more images.

2. Write a piece of Trixie fanfic inspired by one of the images, of 1000-1700 words. You may exceed 1700 words but must choose a second image if you do. This resets the word requirement to 1000-1700 words/picture.

3. Stories may be based on #17, but are not required to have any relationship to it. Examples: Juliana reacts to the loss of her ring; Dan allows himself to be kidnapped by the gang; Regan’s and Mr. Maypenny’s reactions to Dan’s disappearance; Miss Trask and Mrs. Wheeler work to plan the reception; Mrs. Belden discovers food missing from her refrigerator. All of those would be based on #17. Not necessarily based on #17: How Ella Kline became Sleepyside’s premier custom seamstress, travails of growing up and not knowing what the future holds; relationship between a boy(or girl) and his/her dog; the characters riding bicycles instead of horses and why; camping out, etc.

4. Author must have story edited, posted somewhere, and announced between March 8 and March 31. Non-Jix authors can upload to their own website or blog; FF.net, Archive of Our Own, LiveJournal, Zap’s, Bevy Tales, etc., following the guidance in: How to Post Fanfic at Jix.

5. URL must be posted in the Jix 17 Picture Challenge story thread. Any story meeting criteria for a red-star rating must be accessible only via password.

6. Jix Authors may, of course, announce their stories at the Sun. Non-Jix Authors must announce their stories in the Story Announcements.

7. I will make available a badge/avatar for download by those who complete the challenge.

Jixewrimo is upon us, as well as the Crawl CWE #15, already in progress. If anyone wishes to use a Jix 17 Picture Challenge story as a part of their Crawl or Jixewrimo output, cool! There should be no conflicts, as long as the requirements for those events are met.

Mary N (Dianafan) Fallout
Vivian Ride by Thumbin’
Ryl Of All a Man’s Troubles
Deanna (cestmoi1) Wicked Souvenirs
  One of My Kind
  I’m Not a Renegade
Chey Behind the Hay
Julie (jstar8) 8. One Ring
  9. Water’s Edge
  17. Roommate
Janice Behind the Door
WendyM When the Good Guys Win
Dana Spring Means Green
Honorable Mention: Julie (macjest) As Time Goes By

Disclaimer: All characters from the Trixie Belden series are the property of Random House, and are used without permission, although with great respect and affection. No profit is being made from their use here.

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