Welcome to my little corner of the Web! I have been a fan of the schoolgirl shamus, Trixie Belden, since the age of nine. After discovering the great world of Trixie online, I was inspired to write a few Trixie stories of my own. The kind and talented Vivian not only offered me space for my stories, but set up my site and made the pages for my first four stories, allowing me to have input every step of the way. In addition, she has been an unfailing help and teacher to me in the mysteries of html and css coding. With her aid, I started learning to make my own graphics. I hope you enjoy the graphics and that they will enhance my stories!

As a member of the Jix Author community, stories adhere to the Jixemitri star rating system. Red-star stories require a password for intense storyline, language, or explicit content. Please email *here* if you are over 18 and wish to receive the password, with your name and assurance that you are over the age of 18. Please allow 24 hours for a reply, although in some cases it may take longer, due to illness or other real life issues. Requests will not be answered on weekends or holidays. I cannot give you the password; you must request it as stated.

The Trixie Belden series and its characters are the property of Random House. The characters are used here without permission, although with a geat deal of respect and affection. I am making no profit from their appearances in my stories! All stories at this site copyright by MaryN/ Dianafan 2005-2019.

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My main universe, The Sands of Time, follows the Belden, Wheeler, Frayne, Lynch, and Mangan families from the distant past into the future of the young adult Bob-Whites. Romantic pairings of the Bob-Whites, when featured, tend to follow "traditional" patterns, i.e. Jim-Trixie, Brian-Honey, Mart-Diana. Non-universe stories found in Another World may be group efforts, book rewrites, or don't follow the universe timeline.

  • Stories are posted in (mainly!) chronological order, not in order of posting. Universe begins in the 1940s with backstories for Winthrop and Katje Frayne, and give glimpses into the lives of James and Nell Frayne and the parents of Diana Lynch.

  • These stories do not fit into my regular universe. They may be standalone short stories, group efforts, or book chapter rewrites. Newest stories added at bottom.

  • My selections in a "timeless" casting call for characters from the Trixie Belden series and a few of my own original characters. Best viewed on a screen of at least 13 inches; doesn't display well on mobile devices such as i-pad, e-reader, or smartphone.

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  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jixemitri, Jix Administration issued a writing challenge using a collection of images inspired by #20, Mystery Off Old Telegraph Road. Seven writers accepted the challenge and treated us to eight stories! Read their stories by clicking on the link.


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