For years I felt no need to try to make a cast page, although I've greatly enjoyed looking at the cast pages of other people. Finally, Julie (macjest) inspired me to assemble some images to show the characters who live in my imagination. Some of the choices have been inspired by other people's cast pages. Warning--my notes are very wordy! I didn't ask permission to use any images (unless noted), but also am making no profit. For a few images, derived from commercial products, I do give credit and hope those who are in the market will consider their use. Every image doesn't perfectly express my idea for the character, but is as close as I could come.

Ten Acres: This is an image of a real Victorian home, located outside of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. It's actually red brick, so when I decided it was a close match to the Ten Acres in my head, some Photoshop magic converted it to sepia tone. I used it at the end of A Serpent's Tooth. Used without permission.

James Frayne: Actor James Whitmore has been selected by someone else as James Frayne, and I think he was a good choice! This image shows an elderly James, as he may have looked shortly before he collapsed in front of his mailbox, as described in The Secret of the Mansion.

Nell Frayne: Actress Helen Hayes seemed to fit my mental image of Nell beautifully. I don't believe I've seen her as anyone else's Nell.

Winthrop Frayne: This serious but pleasant-faced image of Troy Donahue with red hair spoke to me while I was writing The Carhop and the College Boy, and I chose him for my Win Frayne then. Yes, Troy also plays Ben Riker, and no, Win is not Ben's father. Not as far as I know....

Young Jimmy Frayne: This unknown child's image came up when I was searching for a redheaded boy. I do think he looks like he could be a younger version of my Jim from the Wheeler cast page.

Katie Vanderheiden Frayne Jones: Again, while writing Carhop, I chose Sandra Dee to play my Katie. It's easy to see why Win fell for this sweetheart.

Note, I didn't change any eye colors for these characters!

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