For years I felt no need to try to make a cast page, although I've greatly enjoyed looking at the cast pages of other people. Finally, Julie (macjest) inspired me to assemble some images to show the characters who live in my imagination. Some of the choices have been inspired by other people's cast pages. Warning--my notes are very wordy! I didn't ask permission to use any images (unless noted), but also am making no profit. For a few images, derived from commercial products, I do give credit and hope those who are in the market will consider their use. Every image doesn't perfectly express my idea for the character, but is as close as I could come.

Beldens' Lodge: This image came up while searching for "French Country House Plan" for the Lynch home. Go figure! I thought it suited the Idaho Beldens, living near the Rocky Mountains. Used without permission, but if you're looking for this type of house plan, it might fit your needs.

Harold Belden: Pierce Brosnan filled the bill, although I considered having a grayer (than my Peter Belden) George Clooney play him!

Eleanor Belden: Once again, I think I copied Eleanor's name from another fanfic author, probably CathyP. This pic of sophisticated, glamorous Eleanor Parker seemed perfect for her.

Knut Belden: Adam Brody has that Belden dark hair, dark eyes, and a gorgeous cleft chin. Knut is supposed to favor Brian and I think Adam does look like Darren Criss in the images I used.

Hallie Belden: It's almost sickening how often Hallie is referred to as looking like "an Indian princess" in Uninvited Guest, but lovely Native American actress Shannon Baker really has that straight black hair and she's beautiful. I enhanced her eye color to a more "blackberry" shade, but it's not obvious in the small size seen here.

Cap Belden: Anna hit the nail on the head with her choice of a young Brad Pitt as Cap--I'm just following her lead! The Cap we met in Sasquatch was a bit young to have this much stubble, probably, but Brad is just too yummy here!

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Disclaimer: Characters from the Trixie Belden series are the property of Random House. They are used without permission, although with a great deal of affection and respect. All other material on these pages copyright 2012 by MaryN/Dianafan. Images from Microsoft Clip art and and manipulated by Mary N in Photoshop. Graphics copyright by Mary N 2012.

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