For years I felt no need to try to make a cast page, although I've greatly enjoyed looking at the cast pages of other people. Finally, Julie (macjest) inspired me to assemble some images to show the characters who live in my imagination. Some of the choices have been inspired by other people's cast pages. Warning--my notes are very wordy! I didn't ask permission to use any images (unless noted), but also am making no profit. For a few images, derived from commercial products, I do give credit and hope those who are in the market will consider their use. Every image doesn't perfectly express my idea for the character, but is as close as I could come.

The Lynch Home: The Lynches' property is frequently referred to during the series as the Lynch Estate, but I have always understood that to refer to the property as a whole, rather than "Estate" being the name of the house. This image is one I used in my story The Life of Our Dreams, about the family's sudden rise to wealth. It came from a site called The design is called Lansdowne Place, and was designed by Michael Garrell. Although it's a large home, the floor plan isn't as spacious as the Lynches' house. My imagination added a wing in the back! Used without permission, but I think it would be a great house if you're in the market to build.

Edward Lynch: When I started writing fanfic, I thought "Edward" and "Margaret" Lynch were canon. Not so! I'm not sure who originated those names for Diana's parents, but I was following the lead of another writer(s). Jessie Rodriguez, from HGTV's Vintage Flip is my model for the jolly paterfamilias of the Lynch family. Jessie has a great smile, as well as a slightly rounder face than some of the usual stars we like. I recolored his eyes, but didn't change anything else about him.

Margaret Lynch: See above for a note on Diana's mom's name. Based on her violet eyes and black hair, many of us have felt Julie Campbell had Elizabeth Taylor in mind as the model for Diana. I used a pic of La Liz as Diana in When Dreams Come True. Like Trixie and Honey, Diana is supposed to resemble her mother, so I was able to find a picture of a more mature Liz that didn't seem to have dramatic makeup and over-the-top jewelry. I hope you agree she makes a good Mrs. Lynch!

Diana Lynch: I found one pic of a young Liz Taylor that could do for Diana, but I felt she looked older than my models for Trixie and Honey. So I chose this image of Emily Rudd instead. She's beautiful, young-looking and fresh-faced, as well as having the right coloring and a hairstyle appropriate to the time period of my stories. I intended to tint her eyes a bit more to the violet side (and I did tint the eyes in two differnt pics of her!) but in the end, the image I chose did not have tinted eyes.

Larry and Terry Lynch: Anonymous young twin boys from an article about "your chances of having twins." I darkened their hair and added a touch of blue to their eyes.

Margie and Barbie Lynch: My readers know I chose these names for the Lynch girl twins. "Margaret" and "Barbara" were popular names back in the mid-late 1960s and they're semi-rhyming, as well. The little girl pictured is unknown; I found her in a search for "toddler girl, black hair, blue eyes." No, I did not enhance the eyes, although I suspect the color was enhanced! She does look a lot like my idea of the twin sisters, although I'd rather she had a bit of curl in her hair. I just duplicated the image; after hours of searching for girl and boy twins with the right coloring I was out of ideas.

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