For years I felt no need to try to make a cast page, although I've greatly enjoyed looking at the cast pages of other people. Finally, Julie (macjest) inspired me to assemble some images to show the characters who live in my imagination. Some of the choices have been inspired by other people's cast pages. Warning--my notes are very wordy! I didn't ask permission to use any images (unless noted), but also am making no profit. For a few images, derived from commercial products, I do give credit and hope those who are in the market will consider their use. Every image doesn't perfectly express my idea for the character, but is as close as I could come.

Natalie Hart Riker: Ben Riker's mother and Madeleine Hart's sister in my universe is played by Tippi Hedren during her Hitchcock movie era. Hitchcock was known for liking a certain "look" in his actresses and Grace Kelly had preceded Tippi, so I thought she'd be a good choice for Natalie (who, however, is the elder of the two Hart sisters).

Mr. Lytell: The nosy storekeeper who disapproves of "harum-scarum" Trixie Belden was hard to cast. This is a stock image of a "disapproving old man," but as he glares over his glasses, he looks perfect for Mr. Lytell!

Mrs. Vanderpoel: I really wanted a white-haired woman for Mrs. V, but kindly Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) from the Andy Griffith Show personifies the cookie-baking neighbor who welcomes Spider Webster and his young brother Tad into her home.

Celeste Langford: A former girlfriend of Matt Wheeler and a sorority sister of Natalie Hart, Celeste is an original character of mine. She is played by a model for Eva Gabor wigs, who has the icy, platinum-blonde look I was seeking.

Spider Webster: We met the Bob-Whites' favorite motorcycle cop in The Mysterious Visitor, so I looked for a motorcycle-riding policeman. This vintage picture is from the 1940s.

Tad Webster: The athlete and Hawks Club member who is Spider's younger brother is played by Luke Perry (during his 90210 days).

Miss Trask: Crisp, short gray hair and twinkling blue eyes--this Eva Gabor wig model needed a quick eye color change, but except for the dangly earrings, I think she looks good for Honey's governess, later estate manager for the Manor House.

Wendell Molinson: Although this is obviously a drawing or painting rather than a photograph, I think it fits for Officer Molinson! Subject to change!

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